Month October 2016

The Baby Whisperer: New opportunities for Filipino nurses and caregivers

Filipinas are known the world over for being caring, compassionate, and nurturing. It’s no surprise then that they are in-demand as nannies, baby-sitters, hospital and private nurses and caregivers–around the world. And now we learn that another Filipina has become very much in-demand in New York City (and in other U.S. states)for these same qualities, and her expertise when it comes to a very specialized field: newborn infant care or “baby nursing.”

Filipina newborn care expert Ruby Sibal has been called “the baby whisperer” and even “Mary Poppins” for her seemingly magical ability to keep infants calm, and the immediate family all working together to create an ideal, optimum environment for the caring and raising of the new baby. Ruby’s calm, nurturing demeanor, her impeccable organizational skills and her ability to educate and instill confidence and joy in new parents and siblings alike, have allowed her to have a successful career.

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Newborn Care Tips from the Filipina Baby Whisperer

Filipina newborn care expert Ruby Sibal, who now lives in New York, spent ten years as an advertising and promotions officer at Philippine Airlines. After that, she tried her hand in several other industries and fields. She was an entrepreneur, a make-up artist, an events organizer–before finding her life’s calling as a newborn care professional (also known as a baby nurse) and new parent coach. Now, she’s very in-demand by upper-class clientele in New York City as the go-to expert when it comes to providing infant care for the first few weeks up to three months of the baby’s life.

Not surprisingly, Ruby has a natural affinity and affection for babies. She’s earned the moniker of “the Filipina baby whisperer” for her almost uncanny ability to keep babies calm and relaxed. She has specialized knowledge and training when it comes to infant care. Her expertise is recognized and sought-after even by pediatricians—who are glad to recommend her services to new parents.

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A hand that moves the world: Ruby Sibal, ‘the Filipina baby whisperer’

Ruby Sibal spent her university years in Iloilo City—a place known for its flower shops and myriad blooms. She’s also the daughter of florists and flower garden owners. As to what extent that shaped her destiny, helping her own blossoming into what she is today: a much sought-after newborn care expert in New York—is rather interesting to mull over. Perhaps, she really was destined to help give nurturance: not only to beautiful floral blooms but to something more precious in a mother’s eyes—her very own baby. As such, there is always something awesome, beautiful, inspiring, and life-giving in what Ruby does for her clients.

As a newborn care specialist, Ruby provides expert care for babies from the time they’re a few days old mostly up to the first three months of life. She has specialized knowledge and training in helping parents provide a baby’s many needs: physical as well as emotional. One of her many specialties is being a coach for new parents who might feel clueless or apprehensive over the new baby.

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Filipina ‘baby whisperer’ flourishes in New York

NEW YORK CITY — Ruby Sibal, 40, a native of Iloilo City, used to be a floral designer, entrepreneur, certified make-up artist and event organizer in the Philippines. She never thought she would become a nanny, a housekeeper and a home-call masseuse to Filipino women who were also working two jobs in metropolitan New York.

Now, Sibal is more than any of those callings. She’s known as a newborn-care expert, new-parent coach, baby-care consultant and the founder and CEO of Beyond Baby Care LLC in New York City.

Her expertise in baby care, including infant massage, is cited in, the well-known newborn/baby care website in the United States.

Sibal comes from a family of florists and flower garden owners in the Philippines. She went to Penn Foster Career Diplomas program to further her studies, but financial challenges made her change her mind.

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What is a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) and Who Needs It?

Baby nurses are non-medical professionals who help parents take care of newborn babies. Bringing a child home from the hospital — whether it is your first or fifth — can be overwhelming. A baby nurse helps transition the parents to a regular schedule, aiding parents and caretakers in everything from breast-feeding and bathing to establishing healthy sleep patterns and diapering. The knowledge and suggestions of a baby nurse provide comfort, enrichment and answers to parents willing to pay for the service.Ensures SafetyIt is crucial that a baby nurse take extreme care and precautions with a newborn baby. This includes making sure the baby is secure on a changing table, in a crib that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, is attended to in a swing or infant seat and properly fastened in the car. The baby nurse is also responsible for educating parents and caretakers on laws pertaining to infants and teaching safe infant-care practices to every member in the home.

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