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The Baby Whisperer: New opportunities for Filipino nurses and caregivers

Filipinas are known the world over for being caring, compassionate, and nurturing. It’s no surprise then that they are in-demand as nannies, baby-sitters, hospital and private nurses and caregivers–around the world. And now we learn that another Filipina has become very much in-demand in New York City (and in other U.S. states)for these same qualities, and her expertise when it comes to a very specialized field: newborn infant care or “baby nursing.”

Filipina newborn care expert Ruby Sibal has been called “the baby whisperer” and even “Mary Poppins” for her seemingly magical ability to keep infants calm, and the immediate family all working together to create an ideal, optimum environment for the caring and raising of the new baby. Ruby’s calm, nurturing demeanor, her impeccable organizational skills and her ability to educate and instill confidence and joy in new parents and siblings alike, have allowed her to have a successful career.

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Newborn Care Tips from the Filipina Baby Whisperer

Filipina newborn care expert Ruby Sibal, who now lives in New York, spent ten years as an advertising and promotions officer at Philippine Airlines. After that, she tried her hand in several other industries and fields. She was an entrepreneur, a make-up artist, an events organizer–before finding her life’s calling as a newborn care professional (also known as a baby nurse) and new parent coach. Now, she’s very in-demand by upper-class clientele in New York City as the go-to expert when it comes to providing infant care for the first few weeks up to three months of the baby’s life.

Not surprisingly, Ruby has a natural affinity and affection for babies. She’s earned the moniker of “the Filipina baby whisperer” for her almost uncanny ability to keep babies calm and relaxed. She has specialized knowledge and training when it comes to infant care. Her expertise is recognized and sought-after even by pediatricians—who are glad to recommend her services to new parents.

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