Your New Bundle of Joy

“Bringing home your baby, especially for first-time parents, is one of the most cautious drives you will ever take.”

Newborns present a world of uncertainty, given that they look and seem so tiny and fragile. Although the birth of your baby can be one of the most joyful events of your life, it can also be the most stressful. Having an experienced, professional baby nurse to help get through those all-important first few weeks can help immensely, taking the pressure off of mom so she can get some much-needed sleep, and supporting the family by teaching them how to welcome and care for their new family member.

What Our Happy Clients Say

My wife and I had Ruby stay with us at night for a couple of weeks after our daughter was born and the experience proved invaluable. No book, Doctor, or Hospital can fully prepare you for having your first child, and Ruby truly brought my wife and I peace of mind. She taught us the essentials of feeding, burping, sleeping and bathing while also taking great care of our daughter. Our experience with Ruby was excellent and highly recommended for any new parents.

Kyle L., Manhattan, New York. July, 2018

We found Ruby through a frantic, late-night, internet search. Our night nurse had just left us due to a last minute family emergency and we soon realized that we desperately needed help with our little newborn girl as she is getting fussier after every feedings.

Ruby was able to fit us in her busy schedule right away. She came by on a Sunday evening and stayed with us for over 4 hours in order to observe our baby’s different states (awake and alert, asleep, feeding, crying and fussy state). She diagnosed her problem immediately, which was a sensitive tummy issue. She taught us how to deal with it including massage techniques and tips on how to soothe and calm her. She also recommended a schedule for us to follow to try to guide the baby to a routine which will help both the baby and the parents. She followed up with another visit to ensure that our baby is improving and we are coping better.

Ruby gave us confidence and peace of mind that we are not doing everything wrong. She is attentive, knowledgable and not pushy in anyway. I wished we had found her earlier and  could not recommend her enough to any new parents.

Kanthalas D., Manhattan, New York. August, 2018

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ruby via a friend in New York. It was around the 8 week mark when the initial ‘baby bubble’ stage had burst and the long, broken nights had set in. I had moved to Paris from London a few weeks prior and felt quite stranded as a first time Mum – so was ecstatic that Ruby offered phone consultations.

I have to admit, I was worried that Ruby would tell me I had been doing everything wrong(!) but it was quite the opposite. Ruby put me to ease instantly and reassured me that our call was a safe place for us to discuss absolutely any questions or concerns. Ruby has such a lovely, gentle manner, she was so reassuring and boosted my confidence instantly! She was also very methodical with her time, asking me to prioritise my challenges so that we could focus on the biggest one first before delving in to my long list of questions.

Ruby’s extensive knowledge was obvious straight away. She was incredibly attentive, questioning me and asking me to describe examples so that she could provide specific advice for my son. By the end of the hour call, I walked away equipped (and excited!) to put these new suggestions and strategies in to practise.

My consultation with Ruby was priceless. She gave me a renewed energy and confidence, along with insight that managed me to take back control of the situation and work through our son’s habitual night time waking. By 14 weeks, he was sleeping through 7pm – 7am. Thank you Ruby! Your advice and encouragement was just brilliant and our family will be forever grateful!

Sarah, March 9, 2017

Ruby is a consummate professional who takes pride in her work. She is a true infant educator and consultant, with a vast knowledge base. She was already booked for the dates we needed, so we decided to have a private class with her. She provided us with practical tools to calm our new baby (happiest baby on the block technique) & informational DVD. Additionally, she covered everything baby 101 (diapering, feeding, burping, baby gear recommendations) etc. We were supplied with helpful handouts, and laminated sheets for infant massage. The class was meticulously well organized and we learned an incredible amount in only a few hours. We even asked her to come back the following week! She was beyond wonderful, amazingly helpful, and we received much need and well tailored advice. As first time parent we were overwhelmed, and Ruby really helped us get organized and learn the basics in a comfortable and supportive way. I look forward to calling Ruby in a consultant capacity to help organize my nursery and further tackle any remaining issues that my come up as we welcome our baby.

Ruby is a gem, and I feel lucky to have spent time with her. She is a delightful resource to anyone expecting a child — whether its your first baby or your have had five kids, I am confident Ruby can teach you something. She is an expert that loves what she does and it is a gift to be able to have a class with her!

Anjelica R., March 8, 2017

I wanted to write some commentary about the invaluable assistance that Ruby was able and willing to provide to me during the past few months. My daughter was 4.5 months old when I reached out to Ruby for some much needed assistance (my daughter is now 6 months old). First of all, Ruby was the baby nurse for one of my best friends earlier this year and i was lucky enough to meet her. Ruby was booked when I needed a baby nurse of my own, but on her recommendation I was able to hire Rose de Guzman who was an absolute dream! (Anyway, I remained in contact with Rose as well as Ruby long after my initial first month with Rose. I reached out to Ruby about the following issues:

Issue #1: Sudden change of sleep pattern – too many wakings

My daughter had been sleeping from the end of her last feeding (10:30pm) all the way until 7:00am for several weeks. All of the sudden she started waking several times during the night (I was having to put the pacifier in her mouth 6 or 7 times a night in order to get her back to sleep). I thought one night she was hungry so I fed her in the middle of the night – then I continued doing this several nights in a row before I realized that this was not a good idea and probably setting myself up for some frustration in the long run when I try to wean her. Once I had reached the point where I was totally sleep deprived, confused and frustrated I reached out to Ruby – and thank goodness I did! She immediately explained the idea of “sleep regression” which tends to happen with babies this age. She recommended getting more food into her during the day. Therefore, I added a few additional 2 oz feedings during the day. Ruby also recommended that I change the 10:30pm feeding to a “dream feed” (so instead of waking her fully and nursing, I instead kept the lights off and nursed her calmly and quietly). It took me two days to make these changes to my daughter’s routine, and once I had, it really paid off. She stopped waking excessively during the night and it was glorious.

Issue #2: Refusing to take a bottle

My daughter used to be able to go back and forth between nursing and bottle – but that ended when we went to the doctor for her 2 month vaccinations – and since then, she refused to take a bottle (I think this was due ot the fact that she wasn’t feeling well from the vaccinations and so I nursed her because that’s what she was preferring – but then I continued doing it, and she ‘behavior modified’ me into only nursing, so that when I (or anyone else) tried to feed her via bottle, she would scream and scream.
My daughter was approx. 5 months when I reached out to Ruby again and asked for her advice regarding the bottle refusal. Ruby right away suggested not to change the bottle but the nipple size. She said that it sounded like my daughter was getting frustrated because the nipple size was too small – and that I should change to a medium flow nipple. The first time I tried feeding with this larger nipple, she took the bottle! I was soooo excited, but I was kicking myself for not reaching out to Ruby earlier about this issue! This change in the way my daughter could be fed was huge for me, because it meant that my husband or the babysitter could also feed my daughter (and I wasn’t the only one and it gave me much more freedom to be able to be away from her for more than a few hours at a time – OR – if I was out with her, I didn’t need to constantly be searching for an appropriate place to nurse her).


Ruby was so incredibly kind to reply to my texts and emails with such attention – I was really struggling with these two issues and no matter how many books and blogs I read, I couldn’t figure out a solution. The minute I tried Ruby’s suggestions, my days automatically got better. I believe that Ruby saved me from a lot of lost sleep and frustration and confusion. She makes me feel comfortable reaching out with my concerns, which is just incredibly invaluable when you’re a brand new mother like me!

Samantha F., October 13, 2016

It is with great pleasure and admiration that we write this review for Ruby. She came highly recommended to us when we were searching for a baby nurse for our newborn son. After speaking with Ruby on the phone, we arranged for her to travel to Chicago to stay with us for two weeks. After a couple of days, we extended her stay for an additional three weeks. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit. She is an extraordinary individual, who made a meaningful difference in our lives and most important in the early weeks of our son’s life. We consider Ruby a trusted expert and dear friend.

Marjorie and Harley, March 18, 2014

I am writing in support of Ruby Sibal. I am a registered nurse and a medical practice consultant and my husband is an Orthopaedic surgeon. I am also a mother of three. We live on the east coast and my daughter was expecting her first child on the west coast. Knowing that I could not be there full time, I was glad that she wanted to hire a baby nurse to stay with her through those first three months. What I did not know was that she would be in the best of hands once I met and spent time with Ruby.

As soon as our grand daughter was born, I flew out for two weeks. Even my organization could not compare to how Ruby set up systems for everything. In just a day, she set up the nursery, kitchen, laundry room and bathroom so that there was a method and easy way to handle everything that involved the baby. She coached and explained everything she did in a soft and understandable way. Her ease with the baby and ability to handle all issues as they arose, was admirable. My daughter could sleep through the night which also gave her a chance to catch up on much needed sleep, as well as to recover. Ruby’s manner is lovely and so easy to live with.

When the time came for me to head back home, my heart was heavy as I did not want to miss a day with my new little love. But, with complete confidence I knew my daughter and son in law were not alone in navigating the first three months with a newborn. They would learn what they needed to learn with Ruby to help guide them.

I also want to add that I am heading back again this week. I am looking forward to seeing all of them. In the time that I have been away, they have all kept me connected with daily FaceTime, videos and pictures. Additionally, Ruby has texted me things the baby was up to and would send her own pictures as well. If I had concerns, I felt comfortable texting them to Ruby and she would respond quickly with a thoughtful and educated response.

Ruby is clearly one of a kind, and anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their life should feel blessed!!

Proud Grandma, March 18, 2014

It is with great pleasure and admiration that we write this review for Ruby. She came highly recommended to us when we were searching for a baby nurse for our newborn son. After speaking with Ruby on the phone, we arranged for her to travel to Chicago to stay with us for two weeks. After a couple of days, we extended her stay for an additional three weeks. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit. She is an extraordinary individual, who made a meaningful difference in our lives and most important in the early weeks of our son’s life. We consider Ruby a trusted expert and dear friend.

We will forever be grateful to Ruby. Our son was four weeks old when Ruby arrived. He was suffering from a diaper rash that wasn’t responding to treatment. Ruby immediately addressed the issue, recommending that we defer the use of baby wipes and instead clean with cotton and fresh water. She explained the need for careful drying at every diaper change. This gentle, consistent method led to complete healing in just a few days.

Ruby was an amazing coach. She shared best practice techniques for everything from feeding, diaper changing, bathing, and swaddling, to soothing our son’s gas by applying pressure on the tummy. Ruby gave us ideas for stimulating sensory development, tummy time positions, and she gave us guidance in reading our son’s cues. She helped us become more confident parents.

Ruby has such a special way about her. In addition to caring for our son, she also helped us tremendously with our elderly dog and his adjustment to the big change in his life. She took extra care with our dog by calmly engaging him as part of our family.

Ruby exudes a wonderful energy, and has a happy and healthy attitude. She adjusted to our home with ease, making herself comfortable, yet always remaining professional. She respected our boundaries and recognized when we needed privacy. She is an amazing teacher and communicator, engaging and perceptive, extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, always encouraging and supportive, full of love, and no worries.

Ruby is impeccably organized and meticulous about all aspects of her routine. She detailed out a list of essential baby supplies and items for the nursery. She reorganized the nursery, including developing a system for the closet and dresser. She showed us the best way to store small baby socks. We thought we were organized until we met Ruby. She introduced us to the best, most useful, baby products on the market.

Organization also meant creating a schedule for our son, a routine to follow that helped him distinguish day from night, and allowed us to be more functional with our time. Ruby established the perfect schedule for our son. She was critical in the process of creating healthy sleep habits. One of our favorite events was the nighttime baby spa activity, which included a baby massage and bath, helping relax our son before bedtime every night.

As vital as it was to be organized and follow a routine, cleanliness was always the first priority for Ruby. And she was a constant source of valuable baby care information. She even helped us articulate what we were looking for in our search for a nanny. Ruby gave us so many tools that we came to rely on in our every day care for our son.

We are honored to endorse Ruby. We feel very fortunate to have her in our lives. Ruby’s impact is still felt today as our son nears sixteen months.

Harley and Marjorie, March 19, 2014

I have been the lucky beneficiary of Ruby’s thorough knowledge and enthusiastic support these past few months as she has lived with a local friend in Los Angeles and cared for her daughter. Each time my friend and I got our kids together, Ruby offered tips and advice–from gas relief to good sleep hygiene, and everything in between–in a way that was never dictatorial or demeaning. Her equanimity and poise is to be noted–she seems totally unflappable in the face of a red-faced screaming infant, which is much more than I can say for myself.

One afternoon, Ruby asked if she could teach me infant massage, which she said would help calm my baby down at night and encourage longer stretches of sleep. She demonstrated each step, encouraged me to give it a try, and later emailed me a series of handouts. She adroitly balanced advice giving with quiet observation. I felt supported as I was learning; I did not feel that Ruby was hovering over me waiting to correct a misstep. My son now adores his nightly massage and understands that it signals sleep. Indeed, he gradually stretched his feedings out at night, but more importantly, he and I both look forward to this ritual.

Ruby offered to babysit so that my husband and I could go out to dinner with our friends–a rare treat, and our first time leaving him in the care of someone other than a family member. As soon as we arrived, she scooped up my son and helped ease him to sleep. While we were out, we felt absolutely safe knowing he was in her care. He was tightly swaddled and sound asleep when we returned, and she gently transitioned him half-swaddled from the bassinet to his car seat without waking him up. She is, for sure, the baby whisperer, as he slept soundlessly for the next eight hours and woke up in a great mood.

As a hands on, working mom who is navigating the newborn world in a lets-try-this-and-see-what-happens kind of way, it has been wonderful to pick Ruby’s brain for sound advice. She has never made me feel embarrassed by my questions, nor has she shied away from helping me even though I’m not her client. She has a kind and generous spirit, and I know she will bring much joy to her future clients.

New L.A. Mom, March 27, 2014

Ruby Sibal is truly the Mary Poppins of baby nurses – the absolute BEST!

As background, we hired Ruby for our second child as I was recovering from a c-section and balancing a very active 21 month old toddler son. We didn’t hire a baby nurse for our first child. In comparison, the days spent with Ruby felt like a spa 🙂

Ruby not only met, but far exceeded my expectations in every way possible and did many things far beyond the realm of a typical baby nurse. To provide a few examples, she kept a meticulously detailed journal of the baby’s eating, sleeping, and pooping (very important in the early days), was vigilant about cleaning everything from clothes, to blankets, to bottles, to pumping parts, clearly marked and stored all breast milk, suggested baby supplies she knew to work well, and of course, made the nights SO much easier by getting up, feeding, and putting the baby back down. Her organizational skills are second to none – within the first few days (and after asking permission), she rearranged what will be a shared bedroom for my son and daughter from chaos to sanity, did the same with my diaper bag, and then even rearranged our pantry and the condiments in our fridge (no joke). She took numerous photos and videos during her stay, and even an extra long one of a baby naming ceremony (totally unprompted)!

From the very start, Ruby got my daughter on a schedule of 3-4 hours between feedings (previously I had thought it too early to form a routine), as well as tummy time, stimulation, massage, bath, and bed. The schedule has proven critical in helping her learn day from night, allowing me some consistent downtime, and will certainly help with sleep training in a few more weeks. Ruby also taught us infant massage, which is incredibly helpful in calming my daughter before bath and bedtime and creates a special bonding time for us (I admittedly didn’t know much about infant massage going in). In addition, she taught us several things to look out for and techniques (massage and other) to treat infant gas, which can cause much infant discomfort.

Ruby’s certifications (Happiest Baby on the Block, Infant Massage, Baby Nurse, Parent Educator, etc) are impressive, but her greatest strengths are really off the page. Ruby is incredibly patient and caring. She has a relaxed demeanor and felt like part of the family. Ruby is extremely passionate and loves what she does – both caring for infants and teaching families – which makes all the difference. Her positive attitude and wonderful outlook is infectious, and was noted separately by everyone who visited from family, to friends, to our nanny.

Besides caring for the baby, Ruby also looked after the entire family. She kept a close watch on my recovery (offering several helpful tips and feeding advice), and was absolutely wonderful with my toddler son, always offering an extra hand and showing him a lot of attention (I think he was the saddest of anyone to see her go)! She was integral in establishing his seamless adjustment with the baby.

All of Ruby’s incredible support allowed me to recover well, while maximizing quality time with both children and creating a very special family environment. I highly recommend Ruby. She has my full trust and excellent judgement. I consider any family that gets to work with her very, very lucky!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Katie Ullman, May 10, 2014

Ruby came to help me when my son was 2.5 months old. We were exhausted first time parents and needed help with getting my son on a schedule. After reading great reviews on mamaviews, I contacted Ruby. I was disappointed that she was booked as a baby nurse but delighted that she was able to come for a short period of time as a consultant. Ruby spent 4 hours with us discussing my son’s feeds and sleep, and explaining the strategy that would help him get on a schedule. She was amazing at demonstrating how to space feeds and also how to feed efficiently. In a short amount of time she shared a wealth of knowledge, which clearly showed her level of expertise and years of experience with several babies. My son was able to go from 8 feeds a day to 5 feeds in less than a week. We couldn’t have done it without her – my mom still raves about her. She is a true professional with a calm demeanor. I can’t recommend her enough! Any family that Ruby helps will be very well taken care of!

Khyati Desai, November 9, 2014

Ruby is beyond amazing…truly a rare gem. We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to hire her as a baby care consultant.

Originally we had planned to hire a baby nurse before our baby was born. During my search for a nurse, I had come across Ruby’s information on Mamaviews. My husband and I had met with Ruby for an interview and immediately loved her. We felt so comfortable with her and she clearly had a wealth of knowledge to share. She spent quite a bit of time with us answering our questions and even took extra time to show me how to set up and operate my electric breast pump which was overwhelming me.

We wanted to hire Ruby but unfortunately she was already booked for the dates we needed. Once our baby was born we wound up not needing to hire a baby nurse anyway because our baby was so easy, however after the 3rd week I was exhausted and feeding on demand with no form of schedule. Although our baby was easy, the lack of schedule was running me down and my life began to feel out of control. I knew I then needed help especially with setting a structured schedule in terms of the baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule. I immediately reached out to Ruby to hire her for a few hours of baby care consultation.

Our brief time (just a few hours) together taught me so much. Watching Ruby interact with our baby in such a gentle and calming way was impressive- she is the “Baby Whisperer”! During our consultation I learned many great tips on baby massage, swaddling, breastfeeding and burping techniques along with learning to set an efficient sleeping and feeding schedule. I noticed tremendous improvements right away especially with our baby’s eating and sleeping habits. Within the first 24 hours after meeting with Ruby our baby was eating on a great schedule of every 3 hours…sometimes 4. This was a huge improvement from the random feedings I was worn out from since the baby was born which were anywhere from 1.5 hrs, 2, and 3 hrs apart. By applying the techniques and using the knowledge that Ruby shared with me our baby is now on a schedule of feeding every 4 hours during the day and nearly sleeping through the nights at only 6 weeks old! I am well rested and feel that I have gained back my sanity…whew! We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity for Ruby to work with us and to share with us her very valuable baby knowledge.

From the moment we met Ruby she has been a tremendous support and so generous with her time. Her calming presence and wealth of knowledge is a rare find. She’s a very special baby nurse and there is no doubt she absolutely loves working with babies and helping families to thrive. She is a gift to anyone who chooses to hire her. I highly recommend her services as a consultant if you need guidance on anything about baby care, feeding, scheduling and breastfeeding.

I. Graham, November 10, 2014

My daughter gave birth 2 weeks ago and our beautiful grandson is doing beyond great thanks to the expertise of Ruby Sibal. Ruby is warm and gentle person and is amazingly knowledgeable about all aspects of infant development. Having had a baby nurse myself for my two children, I was expecting someone who would teach the new parents how to become organized and take care of their new tiny baby. I was so pleasantly surprised to spend time with them and see how much more Ruby was really teaching them. I call her the ‘baby whisperer” because she seems to understand everything the baby is experiencing and provides pragmatic remedies to try. She talks to him all the time during all activities and uses music and a sound machine to soothe and calm him…and it works. She is a fabulous parental coach and uses infant massage to introduce gentle touch as well as tummy time and the great suggestion to use black and white flash cards to encourage visual tracking and interaction between parent/grandparent and baby. Being a speech and language pathologist, I was so pleased to see all that she uses to stimulate and calm the baby. Her voice is soft and gentle and she talks to Dylan all the time as if he already understands. It brought tears to my eyes!

As for other areas, Ruby provided the parents with a detailed list of supplies prior to the birth. She organized every item in the apartment as well as in Grandma ‘s house, where we had his bris. Ruby was an integral part of the day from dressing the baby and taking pictures of the baby, his bris outfit as well as the worried new parents. She knew exactly what to do afterwards so that they could feel confident that the baby would be fine!

My daughter, as a first time mom is doing amazingly well and Ruby continues to give her assistance while showing both her and the new daddy that they are doing great. Ruby encourages and shows him how to be part if the baby’s day/night routines and helps him feel confident in how he’s handling the baby. My daughter is doing great with breastfeeding and Ruby has helped her and Dylan with feeding schedules as well as pumping times and introducing the bottle and pacifier.

I have the highest regard for a Ruby and cannot say enough about her and how she continues to help the new parents in every area. She has been a true gift and I feel that the new parents have been given an invaluable foundation, moving forward, for taking care of their precious new son. I highly recommend Ruby to any new parents who want a knowledgeable, gentle, organized and intuitive baby nurse.

A grateful grandma!

Linda L., November 11, 2014

Ruby Sibal has worked for friends who tell me they actually planned their pregnancies around her availability. Having worked with her for a few weeks I now know why. The list goes on and on.

Ruby is exceptionally professional, bright, hard working and caring. She will take METICULOUS care of your child, proactively look for ways to make an impact and teach you every trick in the book. Ruby got my daughter to sleep through the night from 4 weeks old (!!) and got her to latch and breastfeed at five weeks old and on her second attempt when all other methods/helpers failed. I was blown away.

As hard working professionals, my husband and I were truly impressed with Ruby’s intelligence and passion for baby nursing. She isn’t your run of the mill nurse- this is someone who doesn’t just sleep when the baby sleeps or hang out on the phone. Even when my daughter slept through the night Ruby set her alarm and got up every 2-3 hrs just to check on her anyway. She keeps detailed notes and reads and reads books on babies that gives her an incredible knowledge base.

Ruby has a long list of fans and I am just one of many- we all give her glowing references. She is so easy to have in your home and is great fun too! Ruby is a tough act to follow and I recommend her fully.

Sinead M., November 11, 2014

It is with much respect and so much gratitude that I write this review of Ruby Sibal. I first met Ruby when she was working for a friend of mine. My friend spoke so highly of Ruby and when I learned I was pregnant, I knew I wanted her to be my baby nurse. I feel so lucky to have had her spend the first two weeks of our son’s life with us. From the moment I met her, she was extremely professional, calm and friendly. A few months into my pregnancy, my husband and I were fortunate to attend a Happiest Baby on the Block and Infant Massage class she was teaching along with 3 other couples. If you have this opportunity I have one word for you – GO! This experience taught us so much about the practical elements and philosophy behind both practices. The class was both informative and fun – Ruby gave us all dolls to practice swaddling and infant massage as well as massage oil to use on our baby once he was born. She also gave us a packet of information that I still refer to now, weeks after my son was born. I could go on and on about this incredible woman, but instead I will boil it down to some of the most important elements of my experience with Ruby.

ORGANIZATION: Ruby organized the nursery from top to bottom. Our son was born early, just a week after we moved into a new apartment. Nothing in his nursery was set up and we barely had any supplies. She told us what supplies to get and took the time to set everything up in an organized and practical way. She also helped to organize all of my pumping supplies. She showed me how to clean all of the parts and got me into a routine so I didn’t have to think twice about what to do once she left.

BREASTFEEDING ENCOURAGEMENT & SUPPORT: After hearing mixed advice from lots of other people, Ruby encouraged me to pump on the 4th day after my son was born…(and to my surprise, I got 6oz after nursing the baby!) This increased my confidence and made me realize how lucky I was to be able to nurse and store milk so early on.

Ruby encouraged and reassured my husband and me that it was ok to introduce the bottle and paci to our baby at the 1st week (since he has established to latch) This allowed me to get more rest and soothe our baby when he needed it.

BABY MASSAGE: Ruby gave our son massages each night and encouraged my husband and I to give our baby a massage and bath to establish a strong bond and attachment. We have done this every single night since he was born and it is something he looks forward to as do we. It is such a wonderful experience to be able to relax our baby and the time spent together is so precious.

SHOWING US THE ROPES: Ruby showed us SO many things! Things that I had no idea about such as how to assemble the baby’s bottle, my pump accessories, diaper genie trash disposal, even showing us how to protect baby’s clothing from materials with velcro etc. She has given us tons of tips and tricks that simply make our lives easier as parents. She showed us how to do Tummy Time and using black and white picture cards to help our baby focus his eyes – at just one week old. She taught us little details like the music to play on Pandora to engage our son during the day.

POSITIVE INTERACTION WITH OUR BABY- Ruby explained the importance of our demeanor, and how to constantly reassure the baby that everything is ok and that we are there to help him when he is experiencing stress (Things like tightness of the tummy, having a hard time to burp and spitting up) These are things that sound like common sense but to be honest it would’ve taken us a LONG time to try and figure that stuff out on our own. And as a result it has helped to reduce my husband and my own stress levels 🙂

SUPPLIES & ORGANIZATION: Ruby gave us a detailed list of diaper bag necessities, short stroller walk necessities (so you need not take the whole diaper bag), summary of baby’s feeding, poo, pee and activities to reference during doctor’s appt. And a detailed and timed reference on baby’s daily routine – which I never would’ve done on my own….She accompanied us on a trip to my parent’s house for a few days and she demonstrated how to pack up items for our son and make a seamless transition between locations.

FEEDING: After just 2 weeks with my family, Ruby helped to have our son feed ON DEMAND. That is a concept I wasn’t even aware of before I met her. And with her help, we guided him to demand every 3.5 to 4hrs feeding intervals like clock work at age 7 days 🙂 and that he is constantly demanding every 5.5 to 6.5 hrs feedings after his last feeding of the day which 6pm. After his first week, our son GAINED weight and his pediatrician was so pleased. I have no doubt this was because Ruby helped set the course for his feedings and my pumping, which has allowed our son to be nourished entirely from breastfeeding.

HEALTH & SAFETY: From bathing to nail trimming, to diaper changing, Ruby is meticulous. She provides information about a range of baby care. When I noticed my son’s belly button was a bit red, she encouraged me to call the pediatrician. It wound up being perfectly normal, but Ruby’s attention to detail and focus on our babies health was extremely comforting and helpful.

I give Ruby my highest recommendation. I can honestly go on and on about what a true GEM Ruby is. She is so nurturing, knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Ruby became a part of our family. I refer to her as our son’s BFF as they have a very special bond. She seamlessly integrated into our home, and everyone from my parents, to my husband to other members of my family and especially our son felt so comfortable around her. She allowed my husband and me to get rest while she was with us, but at the same time she genuinely prepared us for life with our son after she left. I don’t know where we would be without her – we certainly would not be as confident and knowledgeable about taking care of our son. If you have any questions or if there is any additional information I can provide, please feel free to contact me.

Slink80., December 7, 2014

My daughter had her first child 4-1/2 months ago. Ruby was recommended to my daughter. From the moment that Ruby arrived to this day, Ruby gives sound advice and is truly gifted in teaching the best things for newborns as well as coaching breastfeeding. My granddaughter was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old. Ruby has a calm and non evasive way so she makes the parents very comfortable and fits in immediately! She became part of the family. Ruby taught us all so much! Ruby is well read and loves the babies as if they were her own. Anyone who can have Ruby in their home during the first couple of months of a newborn is really in for a treat! I highly recommend Ruby!

S. Pollak, April 14, 2015

Ruby Sibal, the founder of Beyond Baby Care was my consultant when my baby turned five weeks old. She came highly recommend by my sister well before the birth of my son. My sister calls Ruby “The Baby Whisperer”, and I agree! My partner and I primarily needed guidance on getting the baby on a schedule along with feedback on breastfeeding. In the first month of his life I felt the exhaustion from feeding every two hours and partaking in small naps which didn’t afford us the opportunity to pick up on a clear rhythm, or better plan for visitors and outside activities. Ruby’s visit not only addressed our original questions and concerns, she also shared techniques and information on baby handling, feeding, play time, tummy time, bathing, burping, breast and bottle feeding, massage, and most importantly relaxation for mom, dad and baby. We witnessed her ability to stretch his feeding for four hours after the last, gently waking him to eat after falling asleep in the rockaRoo for two hours which is a rare event. We have since applied this schedule and learned how to accurately read his cues so we can try to prevent his fussy phases — it’s been a success ever since!

Ruby’s ability to clearly articulate the importance and value of all of these topics gave us the confidence to continue with them after her departure. Her six hour visit was so comprehensive and thorough covering most of the topics mentioned above that we needed her services for two hours on a separate occasion to walk us through his last feeding of the day, massage, hair/bathing and bedtime techniques.

We feel empowered and more confident as new parents after meeting with Ruby and feel her services are invaluable and a necessity for every parent. It’s been two weeks since we’ve met with her and I’ve already recommended her to at least three people (there will be many more to follow). Ruby continues to keep the lines of communication open for us if we have additional questions or concerns.

As her name suggests, she is a definite gem indeed.

GG, April 22, 2015

I don’t think i saw too many fathers leaving comments on Ruby’ profile so I thought might be good to share some feedback from the other side of things.

I can honestly say that when my wife and i got pregnant i didn’t exactly understand the role of a baby nurse and how crucial this person could be during our baby first days. Ruby stepped in and literally became our life coach during the latter stages of pregnancy and made us comfortable with expectations and more importantly preparations. By the time our daughter was born my wife felt confident that she had everything she needed to care for our child, as a male i am certain this is not something i could have provided and is a testament to rubys bedside manner, intuitive caring and heartwarming demeanor.

within a few weeks of this incredible woman living in my home i felt extremely comfortable and rested easy at night in the knowing that the only person who could possibly care more about my newborn than my wife and i was in fact ruby. She became one with our family and is still to this day an active participant in my childs life, always ready to respond to my wifes frantic questions and even stopping by to visit our daughter to see how much she has grown.

from bottom of my heart, i believe that her coming into our lives was truly a blessing and i am proud to consider her part of my extended family.

TheNorotskys, April 29, 2015

As a first time grandmother I didn’t know what to expect when my daughter awaited the arrival of her highly recommended baby nurse, Ruby Sibal. From the very first day that she arrived to meet all of us and my new granddaughter, we all knew that she really was something special..from her smiling and good-natured personality to her amazing caring ways towards the baby..I am so very grateful to Ruby for not only taking care of my grandchild, but because of her coaching my daughter has become an awesome mother. From breastfeeding, to baby massage, to bath time, tummy time, and all of the baby’s needs. When it was time for me to finally come home after lending a helping hand to my daughter and her husband, I wasn’t as skeptical as I thought I would be…I knew that all would be okay because Ruby was with them. I cannot say enough about this smart, funny, caring, loving woman for not only taking great care of my first grand child, but for making my daughters first time as a parent an easier fearless enjoyable experience. Thank you Ruby! You will always be a big part of our growing family..our admiration and gratitude is endless….

Donniebel, July 12, 2015

They say one can never be prepared for the arrival of a baby. We now know that is because they never had Ruby Sibal by their side. With her expert guidance and help, we not only felt fully equipped to take the best care of our baby but also felt the irrefutable and heartwarming love she had for the dearest thing to us, our firstborn daughter. The level of genuine care and attentiveness she gave daughter is undeniably unparalleled.

She is smart, creative, considerate, loving, playful and extremely organized; a true joy to have around for both baby and parents alike. Ruby is a very special person and any family should consider themselves lucky to have her.

Anon, October 10, 2015

As a first time grandparent we had the pleasure of meeting Ruby in our Son’s home. Our daughter in law was scheduled to go into the hospital the night Ruby arrived. Ruby settled into the house and prepared the area for the baby by setting up the sterilizer and making sure everything was where it should be for the baby’s and mother’s homecoming. Since my daughter in law’s delivery date was late and Ruby was prepared and ready, we decided to take her to the hospital where she spent quality time with both parents helping them right from the start. Showing them all of the techniques so they were able to learn this right after the birth. What a Godsend she was! My daughter in law and son were exhausted and the nurses in the hospital are not always there to help. She was amazing. She spent the next few days on and off with them and accompanied them home to the house. The transition was wonderful. They had bonded with Ruby and she with them. The next days were amazing. After raising two of my own many years ago, I was able to learn all over again the wonder of a baby. Ruby taught us so many new ways to stimulate her eyes using black and white cards and she also showed us so many calming techniques. We rarely heard the baby cry. When the children first spoke of a nurse we were not sure how we felt. But she is not just a nurse. She is an educator who is aware of all of the new studies on newborns and is able to use them with new parents and grandparents very effectively and tenderly. We were amazed at the progress she had made with a baby of only a few days old. Her sleep cycle and her awake cycles were full of techniques like we had never seen. She also aided my daughter in law in breast feeding and prepared everything she could possibly need for that process. This allowed my children to get their rest and spend their quality time doing the truly important things with their newborn.

Ruby and I bonded as well. As I said, our minds were not opened to this when we first heard of it. However, after experiencing this my husband and I feel as though our Grandbaby will thrive even more than she would have due to the many calming massages, tummy times, and softly spoken words and songs that this process has allowed. We are grateful to Ruby for sharing this knowledge and for giving us the much needed time to do the many other important things with our family.

Alberta, May 30, 2016

Although someone said this above, Ruby was truly an angel that blessed our new family. She came HIGHLY recommended by one of my girlfriends that I trust and to say I was happy with her is an understatement! Not only did my skeptical to have a baby nurse husband want her to stay longer, but we ended up booking an extra week! With our birth, we ended up passing our due date by 2 weeks and Ruby (who was already booked a week prior with us), accompanied us to the hospital and coached me as soon as I delivered. Back at our house, she organized, prepped and stocked up my nursery so that it was not only fully functional but also taught me tons of tips and tricks on how to use and organize things to my best advantage. She even drove home with us from the hospital and was with us every step of the way. When we arrived home, she made our transition home even more seamless. I felt like she was taking care of not just my baby, but also me and allowed me to heal, all the while doing what was best for our baby. She coached and encouraged me to breast feed, which is not the easiest process but with her help, tips and support, I was able to do it. She even taught me how to use baby gear and stuff I was virtually clueless about. Having her stay with us prior to delivery was so advantageous for that reason and even my inlaws and french bulldog were obsessed with her. After delivery she helped coach not only my husband and I, but also my mother and father in law on her excellent and zen, happiest baby techniques and in no time my little newborn was thriving, on a schedule and sleeping most of the night. The time we had with Ruby flew by and anyone who asked me how I was doing in the first week, unwaveringly got the same answer…”I Love my baby an I Love my baby nurse.” Ruby was our secret weapon. She is smart, kind, caring, gentle, a true educator, and truly cares for her clients and their babies. I cannot say enough good things about this woman, other than she truly cares about her job and loves what she does, excels at it, and it shows.

NewMamaWestHollywood, June 16, 2016

Thanks to Ruby, I’m a well-rested, happy, confident new mom (a rarity, I know!) who is truly enjoying parenthood. Sure, we could have kept our baby alive, but with Ruby, I can honestly say she is able to thrive!

Ruby is a knowledgeable, calm, organized, trustworthy, passionate, intuitive individual who excels as a baby nurse. She genuinely wants to help all new parents to confidently give the best care possible to their children. My new-mom friends are so appreciative of the advice that she gives them (especially how to do infant massage!) for their babies. Ruby has a trick for everything – from how to pack a diaper bag, to how to relieve my daughter’s tiny tummy troubles, to stimulating her eye muscles, to Container Store-worthy nursery organization.

For medical reasons, my daughter is solely formula-fed. Ruby has helped me to feel secure with and has identified the benefits (like being able to soundly sleep for 8 hour stretches at night, because I feel relaxed knowing that Ruby’s there) of this challenging decision.

My husband and I relocated to Los Angeles from New York almost 3 years ago. We are so grateful that Ruby traveled from the east coast to live with us during our daughter’s first three months. Ruby helped us to negotiate many consecutive weekends of visitors and house-guests with ease.

Ruby has truly became an integral part of our family and we have all become quite attached to her. We will be sad to see her go, but are thrilled that she will be able to share her magic with other new parents (including 2 families that we introduced Ruby to with our strongest recommendation!)

New Mom in L.A. March 13, 2014

Ruby was truly an angel that came into our lives with the arrival of our 3rd baby. Her calming demeanor was so welcome in our busy home with other children. Her organization of the nursery and baby clothing was insurmountable. Ruby kept a meticulous feeding schedule and notes for me in a journal that I will cherish forever. Her notes about our baby’s little milestones showed that she was just as genuinely proud of his progress as we were. Ruby’s attitude was consistent every day: always happy, cheery, and delightful. Ruby always knew when to give us time with the baby, and exactly when we needed her to take over so we could tend to our other kids.

But above all, my 3 year old and 5 year old grew to love Ruby immensely. She was never too busy or tired to play with them. She was truly entertained by them, and they felt the same way about her. My husband trusted Ruby implicitly, as did I. Though I am confident that our third baby was our last, I’d do it again just to welcome Ruby back into our home! She was a pleasure and a huge help to our whole family as we transitioned into 3 kids.

Lisa T. October 8, 2012

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