Filipinas are known the world over for being caring, compassionate, and nurturing. It’s no surprise then that they are in-demand as nannies, baby-sitters, hospital and private nurses and caregivers–around the world. And now we learn that another Filipina has become very much in-demand in New York City (and in other U.S. states)for these same qualities, and her expertise when it comes to a very specialized field: newborn infant care or “baby nursing.”

Filipina newborn care expert Ruby Sibal has been called “the baby whisperer” and even “Mary Poppins” for her seemingly magical ability to keep infants calm, and the immediate family all working together to create an ideal, optimum environment for the caring and raising of the new baby. Ruby’s calm, nurturing demeanor, her impeccable organizational skills and her ability to educate and instill confidence and joy in new parents and siblings alike, have allowed her to have a successful career.

Usually, she’s asked by new parents for help in helping them care for the baby for up to the first three months. Even experienced parents hire her so that moms can recover from delivery, devote their time to their other children, and when they become busy with work. Modern life is such that, after a mother’s maternity leave ends, she has to continue working. What’s even more valuable about Ruby’s expertise is that she doesn’t simply care for the baby herself: she passes on her knowledge to the parents, so that they are empowered–and also learn to give optimal care to their precious one.

Ruby is so in-demand in U.S. that she actually has to turn down clients. Even pediatricians in the U.S. consult, appreciate and recommend her services. Caring for a baby—as any parent or baby-sitter knows—can be exhausting, stretching for nearly 24-hours at times. But Ruby also finds it rewarding not only on a personal level but financially as well. She finds happiness in knowing that what she does goes beyond being merely a job—she knows that the best care given to a baby in the first three months of life, will result in benefits that will last for that child’s (and the parents’) lifetimes.

The idea of having someone like Ruby–a newborn care expert and new parent coach—seems unusual at first in Filipino culture because we’re so used to having close relatives caring for our infants. This is only natural, of course—because to whom else do you entrust the most precious, new member of the family? But times have really changed. Not every family has close relatives around to make sure the baby is safe and cared for at all times. And the idea of simply hiring a distant relative or a total stranger to care for the baby is simply too risky.

What Ruby does is not magic—but the result her own natural love for children, her compassionate and caring personality, and years of specialized training, knowledge, hard work, and dedication. Having a fulfilling career as a “baby nurse” inspired Ruby to share her expertise to Filipinos, especially those working in the care industry—from nurses to caregivers, to midwives.

“Many Filipinos who go overseas in the care industry, whether as nurses or caregivers for example—might not be able to find a job right away. Or their circumstances may change, and they would find themselves unable to work in their first field of choice. They might also want to work as a newborn care professional—or a “baby nurse” as it’s called informally–as a part-time job to augment income.

“The work of a baby nurse is extremely valuable for the health and development of an infant—and impacts until adulthood. It’s also an important service provided to parents who are busy with their work or running a business, who need support in ensuring quality, trustworthy, and safe care for their baby.

“A newborn care professional and new parent coach relies not simply on natural talent, skill, or personality: she has the proper background of expert knowledge and training, that allows her to apply safe, proven, and effective means to give a baby the best care. She is the go-to professional in a specialized field of infant care,” Ruby explained.

Ruby is coming to the Philippines to conduct seminars and give talks to share her knowledge and expertise, and help give Filipinos reach their potential in the field of newborn care and parent coaching. Filipinos who are already on the path towards the care industry—nurses, caregivers, mid-wives, etc.—will get valuable knowledge and training from Ruby. This not only expands their skill sets, but opens up new career opportunities for them.

Want to meet the baby whisperer? Ruby is coming to the Philippines to give a workshop on special techniques to make newborns calm and happy. Happening in Iloilo (November 6) and Manila (November 13), said workshop is expected to be a great source of knowledge for any and all involved in infant care. For ticket reservations call 0919-802-4027, 0999-002-1616 and look for Jane or email